Opiate Detox Centers In Connecticut

The increased abuse of opiates in Connecticut is due to the illegal distribution of them. The drugs are comparatively cheap and thus there is increased demand.

These drugs can be purchased from black markets, a pharmacy, or online. The number of people enrolling at detox centers in Connecticut is ever-increasing year in and year out. Addiction to opiates is also attributed to Connecticut’s location.

The state is located near New York where the abuse of opiates is rampant. Opiates such as methadone and oxycontin are being distributed illegally. The distribution of these drugs has greatly increased over the years. Also these drugs are often stolen from healthcare centers, clinics, or medicine cabinets.

Occasionally, healthcare providers or employees steal the drugs. Opiate drugs are also transported into Connecticut from surrounding states. The opiate addiction problem has also increased due to the large numbers of online pharmacies. The worst part of it is that the websites may offer false prescriptions or drugs made from dangerous ingredients. Some people have also developed the act of doctor shopping to increase the supply of drugs.

Opiate Detox Centers In Connecticut

Like other states, Connecticut has adapted a prescription-monitoring program. This refers to a database where health authorities save the patients’ information like medical history. The database is also used to curb incidences of illegal distribution of drugs.

Opiate abuse is a serious problem in Connecticut. By definition, detox refers to the physical process where toxins causing addiction are broken down. Detoxification can turn out to be lethal or lead to bad withdrawal symptoms if not done under a doctor’s supervision. Withdrawal symptoms are experienced after only a couple of hours which results in unbearable physical illness that may only be dealt with in hospital settings.

Rehab centers are run by professionals to produce the best results. The health providers offer continuous support 24/7 to ensure the patients’ full recovery. The patients are given a diet loaded with nutrition. Body wellness such as physical exercise is offered to keep the body fit. Group and individual counseling therapy enables the patients not to feel lonely.

Detoxification aims at ridding the body of any opiates that are attached to receptors. Psychological addiction to drugs does not only affect an individual, but also friends, family members, and co-workers.

There are various detox programs. One can opt for an outpatient or inpatient program. An outpatient drug abuse program is suitable for people whose level of addiction is low. These programs provide medical detox but do not deal with the psychosomatic phase of addiction.

Trying detox without a doctor’s supervision may result in severe withdrawal symptoms. Doctors need to be available to provide medication in case the patient experiences withdrawal symptoms. Opiate detox centers in Connecticut use medications such as hydrocodone, hydromorphone, and oxycodone. These medications greatly reduce withdrawal symptoms.

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