Opiate Detox Centers In Delaware

Opiates act by fixing themselves to receptors present in the brain and central nervous system. Codeine and morphine are the opiates that are most commonly used. They naturally occur as alkaloids of the opium poppy. There are semi-synthetic opiates like oxycodone and heroin which are also popular among many users of drugs. Some users of heroin use methadone as a substitute of heroin.

Methadone is a fully synthetic drug. Other drugs that are opiates as well include Vicodin, Percodan, Dilaudid, Darvocet, and Percocet. When taken in the body these opiates give the user a feeling of euphoria. This is what makes more and more people get hooked on these drugs.

The body naturally produces endorphins which have a similar chemical composition as opiates. This natural chemical is responsible for making the body feel good. Opiates can be prescribed in hospitals for the treatment of pain or they can be abused illegally from the streets. In both situations the body is highly likely to become dependent on the drug, which is why detox centers are important.

Opiate Detox Centers In Delaware

If the body is denied a drug after becoming used to it, it will cause severe withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are very uncomfortable to the user and include vomiting, pain, panic attacks, and diarrhea. These are the acute symptoms and once they are gone they are followed by a period of anxiety and depression that can continue for many months.

The major problem with opiates is that the user is very likely to overdose. With drugs that are sold on the streets, it is not easy to tell the dosage you are consuming. This means there is no way of knowing if you have a safe dose. This is complicated further if your body has become tolerant to the drug and you need to take more to get the same effect as before. When you are using an opiate for medical reasons, you have a degree of safety if you follow the doctor’s instructions.

It is highly recommended that any opiate addict get detoxification only under medical supervision. This is because an addiction to opiates has very severe withdrawal symptoms. There are many rehab programs, and you should definitely be aware of nearby detox centers.

You can search on the internet for programs that can treat your addiction or that of a loved one. You can then investigate each of the programs as to its effectiveness and its suitability to your special needs. This is important since each case of addiction is unique and should be treated as such.

Rehab is hard and it is harder if attempted by the addict without the supervision of a doctor. There are Two Main Types of ProgramsResidential drug abuse treatment programs and outpatient ones. Each one of these has its merits and demerits and you should consider how each one fits into your situation before settling on any program.

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