Opiate Detox Centers In North Carolina

North Carolina is known as a secondary regional hub for the distribution of illicit drugs. Intelligence reports from the Drug Enforcement Agency indicate that there is a direct relation between drug trafficking cases and the recent influx of illegal immigrants into the state. This is complicated by highways and other illegal entry points that connect North Carolina to northern Georgia and other drug smuggling points from Mexico.

Most of the opiates that are abused in North Carolina are trafficked from Mexico though some are produced in the state. For example, in the past, DEA detectives seized several marijuana plants that were being cultivated in the McDowell County. The poly-drug organizations from Mexico which have established drug smuggling in the state have always been smart to evade the traps of the Drug Enforcement Agency.

The most commonly abused drugs in North Carolina include meth, heroin, cocaine, and marijuana. According to DEA reports, there has been a decrease in the abuse of cocaine because of the combined efforts of the US and Mexican authorities in preventing the transportation of the drugs. Reports also show that the cases of heroin abuse have recently increased.

Opiate Detox Centers In North Carolina

There has been a 77% increase in the cases of seizures due to heroin in the state. There are also rampant cases of addiction to prescription drugs called opiates. The prescription drugs that are commonly abused include oxycodone, morphine, methadone, codeine, and hydrocodone. Therefore it is not surprising that you will discover a number of detox centers in North Carolina.

A 2007 survey shocked many when it concluded that 25% of students in the high schools to the west of North Carolina had abused prescription drugs. The rate of opiate abuse in the eastern and central northern Carolina was lower, at 17%. If you find yourself in a situation in which you are addicted to drugs you should seek quick help from a suitable detox center.

Detoxification is in most cases offered as part of the treatment, but not the only treatment. It is in most cases combined with other treatment processes and procedures like counseling. Detox is a vital component of every substance abuse treatment. It is a process which involves the removal of the toxins from opiate receptors in the brain.

Detox is important in getting rid of the addiction and dependence to opiates. The most recognized thing about detox is that it takes a short time. Detox is performed at the rehab facility. It is quick process which is not painful because it is carried out while the patient is sedated. It is aimed at cleansing the blood of opiate toxins.

Once the toxins are eliminated, the patient will be capable of living a life free of the burden of opiates or other addictive substances. If you are addicted to opiates you should take quick action and seek detoxification at a detox facility that will work best for you.

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