Opiate Detox Centers In Tennessee

A growing threat is facing Tennessee, and it is the abuse of opiate drugs. The use of opiates has led to a considerable growth in crime rates within this state. Thefts have increased in homes. Muggings and break-ins into pharmacies and drug stores have been on the rise.

These have been attributed to the burning desire from opiate users to get money from whichever sources they can to satisfy their urge for opiates. As a result of and in an effort to quell this problem, you will find a number of detox centers in Tennessee.

The most commonly abused drug has been Oxycontin. Others have been experimented with in the state and these have included oxycodone and morphine. The availability of these drugs within the state is rampant as all these people have to do is go from one doctor to the next in the pretext of seeking treatment for their ailments while their main aim is to acquire a large supply of these opiate drugs.

Opiate Detox Centers In Tennessee

Opiate detox in Tennessee is offered in several treatment centers which assure the patient of not being judged. The potential to judge somebody for being addicted to Vicodin, Percocet, and other drugs is always perceived among the public. As such, when a patient feels that the treatment center is judging him for his or her choices, then he or she becomes less liable to respond positively to treatment. When he or she is handled compassionately, he or she responds to detox superbly.

One of the detox methods used is the Weismann method, which is medically-based and involves intravenous medication. This means the medication is administered through the veins via injection. The drug is then quickly absorbed into the blood and thereby provides a quick method for cleansing and detoxification.

During this process, patients are normally sedated. When they awake, they are free from drug addiction. It’s also a less painful method. For intensive processes like this you will need to be at a detox center for assistance and support.

The medication used in this method has less chances of becoming addictive and is considered safe for treatment. Using medicine that will make someone dependent on it is prohibited since in essence what the physician is doing is replacing one drug with another one. The main advantage with this method is that the patient undergoes a shorter period of withdrawal and is also in less pain.

However, this system has raised some controversies with some medics saying that it lacks long-term efficiency compared to the other methods. There is no assurance that the person will stay out of his or her addiction in the long-term, whereas in the short-term it has been proven to be the most effective method for getting the patient off of his or her addictions. It has been criticized as well when some have doubted the ethics of this method.

Tennessee is listed as the state with the fourth highest number of hydrocodone users. This indicates the need for making the detox centers in Tennessee more accessible and affordable by those afflicted with opiate addiction. While generally acknowledged that the detox process is painful and expensive, no premium can be placed on its ability to offer the patient complete healing.

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