Opiate Detox Centers In Vermont

Opiate addiction has been increasing all over the country, not just within Vermont. The increase has led to a growing dependency on these medications. The increased diversion of these drugs from what they were originally used for has led to many expressing a growing concern that if this habit is not nipped in the bud, it will lead to more complications and contribute to the break-up of societal values. Thus you will discover a number of drug abuse detox centers in Vermont.

It has been revealed through the Drug Enforcement Agency that the pain medication most abused in Vermont is Oxycontin. Their research has also revealed that this drug is mostly transported to Vermont through New York. Other samples of drug medications have also been found and discovered in the state indicating that Oxycontin isn’t the only pain medication abused.

Opiate Detox Centers In Vermont

Unlike other drugs being highly abused in Vermont, such as marijuana, cocaine, LSD, and meth, these prescription medicines can be abused by anyone. It affects anyone without discriminating on one’s age, religion, finances, and gender. Anyone and everyone is predisposed to getting addicted to prescription medicine since anyone is susceptible to experiencing severe physical pain through injury or illness.

The preferred method in taking an individual through detox and the one widely used in detox centers is the Weismann method, otherwise known as rapid detoxification. This involves taking a patient through detox while they are sedated. This ensures the patient experiences all the withdrawal symptoms while asleep. It’s the preferred option by most patients since they don’t have to experience the physical pain one encounters when undergoing detox.

The medication patients are given when being taken through detox is not addictive because detox centers rightly believe that the medication being used in treatment ought not to push the patient into further addiction but rather push him into complete healing. The medicine used in detox has the effect of cleansing the system and organs that have been receiving the opiates the patient has been abusing.

There are other programs offered which seek to block the cravings for drugs. These programs are offered for after detox and include naltrexone therapy which is offered in three different formats. These range from having a pill lodge under the skin around the abdomen. Eventually, this pill will dissolve and the body will get rid of it completely.

Detox centers in Vermont take into account with their procedures the knowledge that methadone and Subutex medications last longer in the body system compared to others. This is why it is important to note carefully what prescription drug a patient has been abusing and has been addicted to since each require some degree of specialization.

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